V-FloFan ventilator

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Technical data
Voltage U 240 V
Phase 1 ~
Frequency 60 Hz
Speed 1130 RPM
Power consumption Pe 205 W
Nominal current I 0.9 A
Maximum current I 1.2 A
Capacitor 05/400 μF
Ambient temperature Tamb min/max -13...104 °F
Insulation Class CL.F
IP Class Fan IP55
Sound pressure level at 2 m Lp 47 dB(A)
Weight 31.9 Lbs.
Packing dimensions 28.4x28.4x15.8 inch
Fan details
Impeller blades 8
Impeller type 3
Impeller system C
Impeller material PP
Control options
Triac controller Yes
Transformer Yes
Frequency drive No
Intelligent Fan Drive No
* All control options including single phase control frequency are available. Please
contact Vostermans Ventilation Sales for more information
0.00 in. wg 3060 CFM

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