TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter DLI (LMA-15)

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TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter DLI (LMA-15) can control most of the horticultural lighting fixtures sold on the market today. Most light manufacturers provide the ability to control their lighting systems using what known as a low-volt control. That low-volt control can take many forms and communication protocols. TrolMaster makes several types of lighting adapters (LMA units) that allow the Hydro-x to control lights using their low-volt control option.
This LMA-15 lighting adapter is specially designed to control the DLI fixtures.
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Convert Digital Signal to Analog Signal
  • Seamless Connection with Hydro-X with RJ12 Cable
  • Plug & Play 
Output Voltage: 0~11.5V
Maximum Current: 0.2A
Output Voltage: 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Working Environment: Temperature 0 - 50°C, Humidity=90%
Package Dimensions: 160mm x 86mm x 86mm


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