TrolMaster Aqua-X Water Detector (WD-1)

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TrolMaster Aqua-X Water Detector (WD-1)  is specially designed for the water detection in the Aqua-X Irrigation Control System. It is a leaking sensor when it’s connected to the system. It also could be assigned to any controlled output in the system to monitor the watering schedules.
WD-1 Water Detector can be used in one of two ways:
  1. First, it can be used to simply monitor the floor or a space for water… as a leak-detector.
  2. The other way the WC-1 can be used is as a water-verification monitor. When used in this way, the water detector is placed where runoff will accumulate (or where water is being introduced to the growing medium). Each output (solenoid or pump) on the Aqua-x can be “assigned” to a specific WD-1. Every time the solenoid or pump assigned to the WD-1 is activated by the Aqua-X, the WD-1 must detect water within a adjustable delay time. If water is not detected (pump or solenoid failure) the Aqua-x will send out a user alert notifying of the “irrigation failure”.
Up to 25 WD-1 can be connected to a single Aqua-x.

  • LCD Display, Easy Operation
  •  Addressing Button.
Working Environments: Temperature 0 - 50°C, Humidity=90%
Package Dimensions: 160mm x 86mm x 86mm


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