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Experience the sequenced, harmonious, high-yielding function of the complete Source fertiliser range with the Source Starter Pack. This affordable 8 bottle kit quickly and effectively demonstrates the incredible potential of using our base nutrients and biostimulants together as part of a comprehensive, integrated Source feeding regime.

You get eight 250ml bottles of the cleanest, most highly concentrated plant feeds and boosters, primed to unleash the full potential of your plants. Source products are suitable for all cultivation systems, all grow media, and hard or soft water types. 

The Source Starter Pack includes:

Gro – Growth Stimulator 

Always sufficient but never excessive, Gro’s all-natural, specially selected ingredients provide a fantastically responsive nutritional regime for all plant types in the veg stage.

Flo – Flower Stimulator 

Comprehensive and readily available for uptake, Flo provides the exact NPK required for a strong start to the bloom and upward progress all the way through to harvest.


Formulated with a rich, high purity phosphorus and potassium content, Alluvium encourages prolific flowering and produces fruit of unrivalled taste and size.


Stimulates the mutually reinforcing processes that rule plant health and robust growth. Promotes the abundant, widespread formation of fruit and flower sites.


Fulfils your plants intrinsic requirements for calcium and magnesium. Keys into and optimises photosynthesis and cellular reproduction which helps to drive nutrient uptake.


Conditions the rhizosphere into a highly cultured, fully functional environment and stimulates exceptionally absorptive root structures.

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