The Source Origin Root Stimulator 1L

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Composed of a rich, diverse, 100% natural selection of plant-extracted ingredients, Origin cultivates a rhizosphere that is ideal for nutrient absorption and highly conducive to productive growth. This powerful root stimulator helps your plant develop extensive, fibrous root structures of immense size that can easily access your inputs. 

Upon application Origin also quickly gets to work conditioning your substrate. The rootzone becomes a highly cultured, fully functional environment that can host an abundance of beneficial bacteria. Such friendly elements serve to further enhance plant health and can actively repel pests and diseases.

Designed for use throughout all stages of growth, Origin ensures that your plants are always perfectly sustained and are able to enjoy a healthy, productive existence. The booster is derived entirely from natural plant extracts and contains no artificial PGR’s.

Origin has been evaluated by the UK’s leading horticultural universities and has produced outstanding results with a wide variety of soil, coco, and hydroponically-grown plants. Equally effective in any cultivation system, Origin has been designed especially to optimise the performance of AutoPot Watering Systems.

Enable your crop to reach its full potential.

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