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For phenomenal flowering, sublimely delicious fruits, and healthy, crop-sustaining plants go with the Flo. The Source’s beautifully balanced fruiting and flowering stage fertiliser provides the exact NPK required for a strong start to the bloom and upward progress all the way through to harvest.

Comprehensive and readily available for uptake, Flo’s unique nutritional content ensures your plants are always amply fed during the crucial, fast-evolving flowering and fruiting stages. Along with available, chelated elements the fertiliser features an extensive and carefully selected range of plant-extracted ingredients. 

Flo’s L-amino acids, fulvic acids, humic acids, vitamins, sugars, stress relieving agents, and growth hormones are calibrated to function both harmoniously and in sequence. They enhance flower and fruit development, oil production, and sugar concentrations whilst maintaining robust growth.

Flo is a unique and scientifically proven formulation being based on raw materials that both feed and protect your plant. It has been designed to optimise the performance of AutoPot Watering Systems but is equally effective with all other cultivation methods. Used and tested by the UK’s leading horticultural universities, the fertiliser has produced outstanding results in a wide variety of soil, coco, and hydroponically-grown plants, irrespective of water source hardness and pH.

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