The Source Elements CalMag Plus 5L

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Elements CalMag Stimulator Plus fortifies your plant, keeps vital processes running at full tilt, and encourages rapid and healthy new growth. With an extensively developed, fast-acting formula, the additive immediately addresses your plants intrinsic requirements for Calcium and Magnesium. Elements then keys into and optimises photosynthesis and cellular reproduction, and in turn helps to drive nutrient uptake. 

A bigger, healthier, more fully functioning plant is created, capable of even more vigorous onward growth. That plant has all the attributes necessary for even greater development, and so Elements gets you on a roll. It even increases the efficiency of your growing arrangements by ensuring that the potential of your climatic and nutritional inputs is always maximised.

Used and tested by the UKs leading horticultural universities, this innovative stimulator produces outstanding results with all soil, coco, or hydroponically-grown plants. Elements has been designed to optimise the performance of AutoPot Watering Systems.

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