The Source Delta Boost 1L

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Fertile as a river delta, The Source’s all-stage Boost Stimulator inspires verdant, vigorous growth and helps produce the heaviest, most flavoursome fruits and flowers imaginable. During the vegetative stage Delta stimulates the mutually reinforcing processes that rule plant health and robust growth. The result is strong plants with structures highly conducive to the most productive fruiting and flowering stage. 

When the fruiting and flowering stage arrives your plants can call upon Delta’s rich and diverse range of plant-extracted ingredients to stimulate the abundant, widespread formation of fruit and flower sites. By engaging with growth processes across your plant Delta encourages increased nutrient uptake to serve these fruit and flower sites, setting you fair for a beautiful harvest. 

All the while Delta continues to support plant health using algal extracts, plant-sourced amino acids, glycine betaine, natural plant steroids and polyglucosides. By naturally fortifying your plants own natural defences against pests and diseases the biostimulant actively protects its own handiwork.

Used and tested by the UKs leading horticultural universities, this innovative bio-stimulant produces outstanding results in all soil, coco, or hydroponically-grown plants. Delta has been designed to optimise the performance of AutoPot Watering Systems.

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