Taifun Waterstream circulation pump

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Taifun Waterstream circulation pump 2500 L / h 3 W The Taifun circulation pump Waterstream is a pure circulation pump that works on the principle of a propeller circulation. The Taifun Waterstreampump has no hose connections, but similar to a normal fan, a grid housing through which the water can be drawn in and expelled again. So the Waterstream pump has an incredible circulation capacity of 2500L / h and consumes only 3W. The perfect endurance runner without producing horrendous electricity costs. The waterstream pump is simply attached to the aquarium glass or tank wall with the suction cup and off you go.
Taifun Fog machine 1 The Taifun Fog Machine is a humidifier, which produces a very fine fog by ultrasound technique. The fog machine is placed in the swimming ring which is placed in water. It comes with a power adapter. Available as 4 different versions.Technical data:
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Consumption: 3 W
  • Power: 2500 L / h

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