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SHP - (T)S Super is a range of high pressure sodium products offering the unique combination of very high efficiency and long life.
- High pressure sodium products with very high lumen output: Up to 150 Lm /W
- Pleasant, warm, golden white light colour of 2050 K
- Extended life in comparison to standard SHP products: Up to on average 30 000 hours

SHP - TS GroLux is a range of tubular high pressure sodium lamps with improved characteristics and performance, especially developed for supplementary lighting in greenhouses. With the SHP - TS GroLux products it is possible to increase both the total amount of light to the plants and its quality without costly modifications to existing lighting installations. The special spectrum of the GroLux lamps adding blue and much more red to the spectrum in comparison to regular SHP products results in: - More, larger and better flowers - Thicker, longer, heavier stems of improved quality - Taller and longer plants - Increased volume in crops - Opportunity for out of season crops - Using existing fixtures and ballast combinations, an increase of up to 10% in visible light and phyto (plant) lumens can be observed. - Improved light quality : adding blue and much more red light to which plants are very sensitive. - Wattage: 600W - Line Voltage [V]: 220-240V - Cap/Base: E40 - Lamp voltage [V]: 125V - Colour temperat. [K]: 2050K - Lamp type: SYLVANIA GROLUX - Lamp current [A]: 5,5 A - Luminous flux [lm]: 90.000 lm - Figure -A- (mm): 292 mm - Figure -B- (mm): 48 mm - Figure -C- (mm): 175 mm - Figure -D- (mm): 106 mm

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