Sylvania GroXpress LED 340W FullSpectum+

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GroXpress LED 340W FullSpectum+ is a dimmable, low-profile luminaire designed for use in the horticultural industry and mid-size applications.

  • Efficient: 780µmol/s BPF @ 340W
  • Fullspectrum+ for the entire grow cycle
  • Optimal Solution for 100x100cm
  • High Light Uniformity & Deep Light Penetration
  • Dimmable & Passively Cooled
  • 3 Years Warranty

The light distribution of this LED toplight has been carefully engineered so that the light penetrates deeper into the plant. Four LED modules with 120° beam angle each create  a large lighted area with high light uniformity and minimized shadow castings.  The fixture is suitable for plant production in 80x80cm, 100x100cm or 120x120cm areas with first-class photosynthetic and morphologic spectrum.

Sylvania’s plant specific and proven FullSpectrum+ has been incorporated into this luminaire, therefore ensuring superior results in all stages of growth and bloom.

It has been developed for smaller spaces and growing racks with low ceilings. With only 55mm height, it is suitable for low ceilings or growing racks with a dimming switch located on the luminaire for easy operation. Completely passively cooled, the GroXpress LED is running absolutely silent. The increased LED board surface area leading to increased cooling for maximum performance and lifetime.

It is made of anodised aluminium for protection  against rust and extending the product life time.

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