growCOOL Nutrient HC-250A + growPUMP Nutrient HX-8808 Set

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growCOOL Nutrient HC-250A + growPUMP Nutrient HX-8808 Set 

The growCOOL extension set for your complete growSYSTEM or other automatic irrigation systems cools the nutrient solution of your plant irrigation down to the ideal temperature so that it can be best absorbed by the plants. The cooling of nutrient solutions, especially those based on organic fertilizers, makes sense to prevent the solution from tipping over and the formation of bacteria.
In addition, a cooled water tank in closed systems such as the Homebox lowers the overall temperature, which is also desirable.
The water flow is 500 - 2200 liters per hour, so it should be used for nutrient containers up to 500 liters.
The temperature can be set in individual steps between 16 and 28 °C.
According to the manufacturer, the volume of the cooler is 20 dB (A), so that it can usually be operated without the noise being annoying.
Technical specifications:
Incl. Hose connection: 16 mm and 22 mm
Compressor power: 1/6 PS
Cooling capacity: 265 watts
Recommended water flow: 600-2200 l/h
Weight: 18 kg
Refrigerant: R 134 A
Dimensions: 448 x 330 x 440 mm (L x W x H)
Heat exchanger: Titanium
Max. Pressure load: 0.8 bar
Temperature controller:
Reading accuracy: 0.1 ° C
Setpoint adjustment in 1 ° C steps
Current consumption: 1.3 A (50 Hz)
Power consumption: 299 W
Volume: 20 dB (A)
Set consists of:
1 x growCOOL Nutrient HC-250A
1 x growPUMP Nutrient HX-8808

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