SANLight EVO 5-150

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We have developed the EVO 5-150 for cultivation areas with a depth of 150cm. Using two lights in a tent of 1.5×1.5m gives you the maximum usable lighting intensity. 870µmol/s produce a lot of light at an economical 320W power. By using two lights you still have enough space in the middle of the tent to install the ventilation. This allows you to make the best use of the limited height in plant tents. The secondary optics as well as the possibility to change the angle of the luminaire in order to adjust the radiation characteristics creates highest illumination values and a very even illumination of your cultivation area.
Developed and optimized for areas with 150cm depth
Recommended for 150 tents
320W & 870µmol/s provide plenty of energy for lush growth and flowering
No CO₂ supplementation necessary
Best possible homogeneity and intensity, for optimal plant development
Optional dimming enables power savings and adaptation to a wide range of growing conditions
Due to a wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included

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