SANLight EVO 4-100

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For those who want to get the most out of their grow box and are not afraid of using CO₂, the EVO 4-100 is the benchmark. Two lights per square meter produce the highest lighting intensities that go to the maximum of what plants can handle in flower with additional CO₂. For your vegetative plants, we recommend either using only one light or, to maintain homogeneity, use our dimmer. 255W and 696µmol/s make for a really powerful light that is not for beginners.
High intensity solution for 100cm deep areas or 100 tents
CO₂ supplementation or dimmer is recommended
255W and 696µmol/s produce highest intensities
Secondary optics maximize homogeneity
Due to a wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included

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