Reverse osmosis water system Picobello

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Reverse osmosis water system Picobello for 190 L per day
The cost-reverse-osmosis plant with a hose and a tap connector that is designed for 3 / 4 inches. 

- Sediment filter - for removing dirt, rust, sand .....
- Activated carbon filter - Reduces chlorine and organic impurities, neutralizes odor and taste impairment
- Reverse osmosis module - semi-permeable membrane thin-film filters, bacteria even more than 99% - Quality made in USA 

Technical data:
  • Capacity: up to 190 L / Day
  • Allowable Operating Pressure: 3-10 bar
  • Ratio of waste water / osmosis water: 4-1 (can be reduced to 2:1 / optional control valve with good tap water) 

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