Rapid Roots Rooting Gel - 50ml Bottle

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Get your cuttings and seedlings on the direct route to healthy, structured, swift development with Rapid Roots. This all-natural, 100% organic rooting gel offers significant gains over its synthetic rivals for a simple reason. Rapid Roots completely preserves the natural plant hormones, vitamins, trace elements, and other nutrients present in the seaweed from which it is derived. This maximises root cell development and seedling growth in ways that synthetic competitors cannot.
By taking this natural path from the start you’re setting your plants up for vigorous growth, robust defences, and healthy harvests. Uptake and transportation of nutrients is accelerated by Rapid Roots added extract of humic-rich Leonardite. By helping your plants feed faster, more efficiently, and more completely, this vegetable substance, formed over many millions of years, helps boost cell division and prolific growth.
Simply take your cutting, dispense gel into a small container and coat the bottom to the stem with 2cm of Rapid Roots gel. Once the stem is coated transfer immediately to your propagator. Maintain the cutting in moist conditions conducive to growth until the plant has effectively rooted.

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