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High grade extraction paper from the industry specialists Qnubu. Perfect for professional grade essential oil extractions.
Measuring 30cm wide on a 5m roll, this extraction paper by Qnubu adhered to food-grade standards and is heat and pressure resistant for a very reliable performance. Completely non-stick due to the double silicone layering, enabling you to easily control and handle sticky oils and waxes.
Characteristics of Qnubu Extraction Paper
- Thickness: A thick paper to withstand high pressures
- Resistance to elevated pressures
- Anti-adherence: Part of the return will no longer be lost in baking paper
- Heat resistant
- Food grade
It is presented in rolls of 5 meters with a width of 30 cm. It also has a built-in cutting system.
Finally a baking paper created for Rosin Presses.
What is Rosin?
It is the botanical extraction technique by which essential oils are extracted naturally and without solvents.  With the use of Pressure and Heat we will obtain our extraction in a fast and effective way.
The technique is very simple:
- Place the product between the Qnubu Extraction Paper,
- Apply pressure on the chosen product to compress it between both aluminium plates (pressure time differs from user to user)
- Remove and open the paper to separate the extraction.
Benefits and Advantages of the Rosin Technique:
Solvent-free (SHO)
Great Return
Parameters: Pressure / Heat / Time
Speed: In minutes your extraction is ready, without added processes
Terpene Preservation
Plug and Play System: Connect and Use

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