Prima Klima Starlight refrector 2 x 55 Watt Philips comp. integrated

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The Prima Klima STARLIGHTs are the perfect solution for the vegetative growth phase and are specifically designed for growing seedlings and cuttings. The external dimensions are calcuted to meet the requirements of cultivation greenhouses available in the market. The colour spectrum of the 55W/KLD-L Narva energy-saving lamps included in the box content, is perfectly suited for cultivating and growing plants. Because of its low generation of heat, the lamp can be placed close to its object, making it extremely efficient. Reflector sheet is made of Anodized aluminium with 86% reflection after patterning process. The steel housing is completely coated in white powder and it also houses all electronics parts. The luminaire is fully equipped with a switch and a power cord. Prima Klima STARLIGHT reflectors are exclusively built with electrical components made in Germany. Quality made for professionals.

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