Prima Klima PK125-WHSP-3 Whisperblower Ø125mm flange 3 speed Max.530 m3/h

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Flange: 125 mm
Max. Airflow: 530 m³/h
Power: 57 W
AC Input: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.26 A
Tmax: 50°C
Dimensions: 315 x 309 mm (WxH)
Weight: 2.69 kg (4.38 kg gross weight)

Prima Klima has developed a completely new design in cooperation with ebm-papst Motoren. They have reconsidered the airflow principle and achieved incomparably better measurement results. This professional fan built to our proven rugged quality standard achieves an unmatched efficiency. The new design optimises the airflow in a way that can be compared to riding a roller coaster – creating more pressure with the same energy consumption as for conventional models and even producing less noise.

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