Prima Klima AZERWING CMH KIT 3100K

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High-quality Kit that includes all the latest CMH products:



Prima Klima reflector with PGZ18 lampholder for CMH/CDM lamps and pre-assembled electric box for easy connect provides homogenous light distribution without hotspots with reflection up to 95% after the patterning process. AZERWING VPro use reflector sheet Vega - unique PVD 4-Layer system. Quality made for professionals.


Patent Number: EP3070397




- Easy Connect


- Build up time in 4 minutes


- Electric box with bracket assembled


- Lampholder with stepless adjustable angle of inclination


- Center reflector with an acute angle for maximum luminous efficiency


- Stable railing for perfect symetry, optimal cooling and flexible mounting


+SUNKRAFT Lamp CMH315W-3100K or CMH315W-4000K


Ceramic discharge Metal-Halide lamps are a effective grow light with light spectrum that is close to natural sunlight with a superior Color Rendering Index of up to 95%. The CHM lamps increase PAR (Photosynthetically active radiation) output to highest levels. Ideal source of light with 10-20% more efficiency than standard Metal Halide lamps.



Power: 315W


Luminous Flux: 35 400lm or 36 800lm


Color Temperature: 3100K or 4000K


Lamp Voltage: 100V


Lamp Current: 3,15A


Rated Lifespan: 12 000h


Socket: PGZ18


+LUCILU E-Ballast LC315W


The LUCILU E-Ballast ensures the connected lamp has a much longer life due to its elaborate Soft-Start function with a low starting current. The ballast works almost without loss and is perfectly shielded against escaping radiation of any frequency. The higher operating frequency ensures Flicker-Free operation and thus a better quality of light. The LUCILU is fully equipped with a fine fuse, power cord and 4m connection cable for connecting the reflector. Soft rubber base provides a stable position which absorbs the last vibrations so it runs quietly. The case is made from an extruded aluminium profile and holds both long and efficient cooling fins as well as a mother rail for a hanging attachment. Suitable for operating with CMH/CDM lamps with PGZ18 lampholder.

Extensive protection functions:


Open Circuit Protection, Short Circuit Protection


Over Temperature Protection, Lamp END of Life/Rectification


Over Voltage/ Low Voltage Detect Protection


Undisturbed EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)


With quality Ferrite core in the cable


Without noising


Soft start for longest lifetime


Extremely long lifetime of device

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