Philips 315w GreenPower CDM-TP 930

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MASTERColour CDM-T Elite MW offers highest efficiency as well as high quality white light - full spectrum

The Philips MASTERColour CDM bulb produces an excellent, long-lasting white light for indoor and outdoor use. The advantages of this bulb are the high-quality light at high energy savings and low maintenance costs. Additionally, this dimmable bulb reduces the energy consumption, as well as the CO2 emissions. The Philips MASTERColour convinces with the high-quality white light with excellent color reproduction. The new design of the fitting makes the bulb very compact and increases its efficiency.

Technical details:
  • Power: 315 watt
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Lamp voltage: 100V
  • Amperage: 4,7A
  • Color temperature: 3100K
  • Socket: PGZX18
  • Luminous flux: 36200lm
  • Luminous efficacy: 115lm/W
  • Licht color: warm white
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Energy consumption kWh/1.000 Std.: 346 kWh

Note: The bulb can only be used with an according ballast or a complete lighting system and a PGZX18 fitting.

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