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ONA Spray – Use it Everywhere!
ONA Spray is a spray bottle loaded with ONA odour neutraliser. If you have smokers in your family, have pets that go everywhere in your house, have an unpleasant garbage area or would you like the air in your home or office to smell fresh and clean, then use ONA spray!
ONA Spray comes in a convenient 250ml (8oz) bottle, and it is all you will ever need to tackle your household odour problems. It’s a true odour neutraliser, unlike some brands that just scent the air. The advanced chemistry, developed over several years, seeks and destroys any odourous molecules that are airborne rendering them null and inert and permanently removing the odours from the air.
Instructions For Use
Simply remove the lid of the ONA Spray and push down on the nozzle with it pointing towards the odorous area for instant odour removal.
Odorous Molecules Rendered Null & Inert
Once the ONA spray is used the ONA particles disperse in the air and when they come into contact with odorous molecules they render them null and inert, removing the odour from the air and leaving a fresh scent.
ONA Sprays are available in Apple Crumble, PRO, Fresh Linen, Tropics & Fruit Fusion
ONA Spray is available in 250ml only

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