Integra Boost 1 g 62% two-way humidy regulator

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Integra BOOST is 2-way humidity control pack, that offers a safe, simple, effective solution for creating the balanced environment your products need to thrive. Available in two distinct relative-humidity levels, preserving your favorite household items has never been easier.

Integra BOOST immediately responds and expertly adapts to the environment you place it in—either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to ensure the optimal humidity and an ideal environment. Because they don’t emit anything but pure H2O vapor, Integra BOOST™ 2-way humidity control packs are safe to touch all of your products—including pantry items, rare cigars, and herbal medicine.

 Why choose Integra?
Non-toxic, salt-free and spill-proof, our humidity control products and packs won’t alter the smell, taste or aroma. The cleanest option for humidity control, our products are printed using food-grade ink and are completely safe to directly touch your product.

Safe | Salt-free | Non-Toxic
FDA-Compliant | Plant-based | Spill & tear-resistant | 99% Biodegradab

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