Idrolab Idroroll "Modular" Kit 120x120

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Thanks to modular units, you can adapt the length of growing platforms as well as create vertical systems. Screw units to the floor or take advantage of fixed wheels, rotating wheels or sliding rails to maximize you cultivation area.

Expand the length f your system with increases of 120cm to reach the perfect size to fit your space.

Set the slope of your growing surface through threaded bars to guarantee a perfect drainage of the waste solution

Slide your benches left or right to create a 50cm-minimum corridor. Increasing the distance between Idroroll units allows you to create larger corridors.
100% designed, engineered and produced in Italy to last in aggressive cultivation environments. Laser-sculpted and finished in cataphoresis, Idroroll is a super safe product with rounded finishings, anti-tilting and roll-block.

Designed with a revolutionary concept of connecting crossbars that minimize assembling time and required fasteners.
Ultra-rigid design with 7 support surfaces for an optimal distribution of weight over the cultivation trays. Tested resistance up to 150Kg/m2

Enclosures for poles are integrated in our systems to minimize interferences along corridors. Their design concept translates into a safe and solid system to for such support structures.

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