HOMEbox Equipment Board

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HOMEbox Equipment Board
 - One for All! 

The new HOMEbox Equipment Board, independent from pole size of frame, can be installed horizontal as well as vertical. It fits in all most current grow tents.
The advantages of the HOMEbox Equipment Board are:
  • Size-independent and suitable in most grow tents
  • Horizontal and vertical installable
  • More space for more plants
  • Maximum load capacity: 25 kg
  • Keeps your equipment organized
  • Measurements: 90 x 38 cm
Compatible with HOMEbox models: HOMEbox Ambient Q100, HOMEbox Ambient Q120, HOMEbox Ambient Q200+, HOMEbox Ambient Q240+, HOMEbox Ambient Q300+, HOMEbox Ambient R120, HOMEbox Ambient R240

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