growSYSTEM Aeroponic 0.8

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growSYSTEM aeroponic 0.8

Complete aeroponic growing system for up to 8 plants on an area of 80 x 80 cm.
Closed irrigation circuit for the permanent spraying of the freely hanging plant roots with nutrient solution.
With these systems, growing plants in an aeroponic system becomes possible for everyone. "Aeroponic" means growing plants with absolute minimization of the use of substrates: the roots hang directly in an always moist air space and are sprayed with nutrient solution.

growDECK 0.8 flood table lid with integrated pipe system and spray nozzles
growTABLE 0.8 growTOOL flood table with pre-machined punched holes for inlet and outlet fittings
growRACK 0.8 / 25 substructure as an aluminum carrier plug-in system with plastic connectors
growPUMP HX-8825 pump system with suction pump, filter system and connection for the water pipe of the lid
growTANK 40 L watering tank for nutrient solution

78 x 78 x 35 cm

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