growRACK 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 Extension-Set 40

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Stable height extension for all growRACK / 25 substructure systems with a height of 29 cm. The construction is raised to a height of 40 cm with additional 11 cm long support profiles.
There is more space and storage space under the rack for technology and media for watering plants, e.g. growCOOL nutrient water cooler.
Aluminum support - Stainless aluminum square profiles with a cross-section of 25 x 25 mm with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm
Plastic connectors - Strong connectors give the structure stability and support

​The growRACK system from growTOOL: finally a perfectly thought-out, stable frame as a substructure for all common growing systems and flood table tubs.  
Made with high-quality, anodized aluminum, precisely milled and processed with the greatest care.
Rack Benefits:
• Stable aluminum square profiles never rust
• All open profile areas are closed with plastic caps, which prevents vermin from nesting.
• Glass fiber reinforced plastic connectors for a perfect hold
• Theoretically expandable as required
• Well thought-out construction allows the nutrient solution tank to be pulled in and out
• Carefully processed and packed in a stable, ready-to-ship box
• Guaranteed no sagging of the flood table thanks to the wide side support and additional central struts
• Special side profiles with a raised outer edge prevent the flood table on it from slipping
• Adjustable feet allow precise setting of the required slope
• Rack is variable in height through intermediate steps or available directly in 2 heights with additional sets for extension. This can be used to respond to the space requirements resulting from the height of the tank, water cooler or other supply technology.

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