growAIRSTREAM circulation 0.8 (inkl. growAIR-Flange 100)

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With the growAIRSTREAM circulation, growTOOL offers an optimal supplementary tool for direct fresh air supply for all users of the growSYSTEM Aeroponic.
The duct is placed on the edge of the flood table or flood table lid. Plants are supplied with fresh air through side openings. The indoor climate for grow tents 80 x 80 cm is kept constant.
  • Ventilation unit 78 x 78 x 11 cm
  • Air duct in profile approx. 55 x 110 mm
  • Plug-in-system with lengths and arches
  • Ducts with collectively 11 punched openings for air grilles
  • Air duct connector for connecting to the growAIR flange* Ø 100 mm
growAIRSTREAM CIRCULATION - With the air duct connector system growAIRSTREAM circulation, we offer an optimal supplementary tool for the supply of fresh air to grow tents.
With a direct connection from the outside through the tent wall to the inside in the immediate vicinity of the plants, they are supplied with the necessary fresh air and the entire grow tent is constantly temperature and air-conditioned.
AIR DUCT AS A SYSTEM TOPPING - The growAIRSTREAM is a square air channel ring. It is held all-round on the wide edge of the growTABLE flood table or the growDECK aeroponic flood table cover.
FOR GROW TENTS - The arches of the air duct allow recesses in the corners. The poles of a grow tent can pass vertically unhindered and are an additional lateral support for the canal.
PLUG-IN SYSTEM - The simple plug-in system enables space-saving transport and subsequent, quick cleaning, also from the inside.

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