CarbonActive HomeLine Standard Filter 200Z, 200m3/h, Ø125mm

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CarbonActive HomeLine Standard Filter 200Z, 200m3/h, Ø125mm

Connection size:
 Ø125 mm
Optimal airflow:  160 m³/h
Maximum airflow: 200 m³/h
Airflow range: 50-200 m³/h
Dimension: Ø190 x 240 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg
Dimensions packaging: 200 x 200 x 255 mm
Replacement pre-filter ePM10 55%: Pre Filter 200

CarbonActive - Standard Filters are created for use in ventilation and air conditioning technology. They clean the air of unwanted odors and pollutants in the most reliable way. Thanks to the innovative structure, the CarbonActive filters are lighter, smaller, more efficient and safer than conventional activated carbon filters.
CarbonActive - Standard filters use tiny activated carbon particles (ø 0.4-0.8mm). By breaking it down into particles, the odor-neutralizing surface is enlarged by a factor of 10,000, which massively increases the effect.
Multi-layer filter fleece mats are cast tightly into the plastic base and lid. This guarantees that no false air (ie unfiltered air) is sucked in. The PU adhesive used is free from plasticizers.
The standard filters are retrofitted in combination with a fan for easy ventilation and removal of common gases and odors in rooms. To ensure optimal adsorption, make sure that the filter of the maximum cubic capacity of the fan is oversized by 20%.
Capacity range 200m3 / h - 3000m3 / h
Room size 1 m3 - 50 m3
Relative humidity: <65%
• No emissions - No fine carbon dust emissions as the carbon is embedded in fleece mats. Indispensable when using the Cool-Tube.
• Minimal weight - The unique weight-performance ratio could be achieved with the latest knowledge and further developments.
• Minimal pressure loss - Thanks to the activated carbon fleece, the pressure loss is up to 70% lower than with conventional activated carbon filters.
• 100% leakproof - The special manufacturing process prevents false air (unfiltered air) from being drawn in.
• Including fine dust pre-filter fleece
• 100% filled with high quality coconut activated carbon

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