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Canna presents you with its pack of high-quality fertilizers and additives in order to engage a fast-growing, healthy and powerful plants. The Terra Starter Kit Canna is ideal for growers beginners.

CANNA TERRA STARTERKIT has some of the properties buffer. The Terra Starter Kit Canna can provide the best results for the cultivation on soil, in open ground or in pots (indoors / outdoors).

Perfect for growing in the ground.

The buffer capacity makes it the ideal breeding ground for a producer novice.

The Terra Starter Kit Canna is ideal for beginner growers.

Composition of the Terra Starter Kit Canna :

  • 1 Terra Vega 250ml
  • 1 Terra Flores 1L
  • 1 Rhizotonic 250ml
  • 1 Cannazym 125ml
  • 1 Canna Boost 125ml
  • 1 Canna PK 13/14 50ml

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