CanFilter CAN 375 BFT 1000m3/h, Fl 250mm

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CanFilter CAN 375 BFT 1000m3/h, Fl 250mm


Can Filters has developed and produced activated carbon filters for almost any type of application. During the production process a unique filling, vibrating and assembling system is used, which guarantees that the carbon is perfectly compacted with no gaps between the granules. Furthermore, the activated carbon used for Can Original is called palletized and it consists of thousands of micro pores and meso pores, through which air passes and exits completely filtrated. With 6.5 mm, Can Original has the thickest pelletized carbon bed in the industry. The pre-filter is of high quality as well, protecting the granules of carbon from the dust or other small particles in the air.

If the filters are used in suitable conditions, 60 to 70% humidity and 80° in temperature, the life of a filter Can Original will be at least 30 months.



Material: Steel

Length: 75 cm

Weight: 39 kg

Carbon Weight: 25 kg

Diameter: 40 cm

Carbon Bed: 6.5 cm

Carbon Type: Pelletized

Technical Capacity: 1200 m3/h

Practical Capacity: 1000 m3/h

Flange: 250


For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Can Fan ventilation products together with Can Filters


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