CanFan MAX-Fan

SKU: 07-035-CNF-250/1625

Flange/Capacity: 250mm/1625m3/h
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Max Fan

Max Fan is a unique diagonal tube fan, designed to be efficient, powerful and less noisy. The rotor-stator system makes Max Fan the most efficient fan on the market, taking into consideration both air performance and power consumption.  The rotor pushes the air out in a swirl, while the stator transforms this swirl into an uniform jet of air, preventing pressure loss, noise and unnecessary power consumption. The efficiency rate for Max Fan is 50 %, higher than any conventional one propeller tube fan, available on the market today.
Max Fan is speed controllable using voltage or frequency control, and as a protection for the motor, it is equipped with a thermal switch, that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature. In addition, Max Fan comes with mounting brackets for an easier use.
For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Max Fan together with the filters Can Filters.
Max-Fan Specifications:
  • 1-speed
  • Powerful airflow
  • Compact and efficient
  • Rotor-stator uniform airflow
  • Integrated Thermal Cutoff switch inside the motor
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Swiss made motor
  • Controllable using the Satellite 4A + LCD EC fan controller
NB! Can-Fan Max Fan does not come with a plug. The plug is sold separately!

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