Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect In-line

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect In-line - Continuous in-line monitoring of three critical growth parameters                                 

Threaded probe heads allow for simple installation direct into an irrigation line for effective in-line measurements. Suitable for use before or after mechanical injectors.
Both conductivity and pH probes can screw directly into female 1” NPT pipe fittings using the included adapter.
Teamed with the Bluelab® Connect™ Stick, you get all the convenience of wireless data logging and remote alerts.
Technical Specifications
Measurement Range:
  • 0.0 – 14.0 pH, 0.0 – 5.0 EC, 0 – 50 CF,
  • 0 – 2500 TDS (EC x 500)
  • 0 – 3500 ppm (EC x 700)
  • 0 – 50 ̊C / 32 – 122 ̊F
  • 1.0 pH, 0.1 EC, 1 CF
  • 10 TDS, 10 ppm
  • 1 ̊C / 1 ̊F
Accuracy at 25̊C/77̊F:
  • ± 0.1 pH, ± 0.1 EC, ± 1 CF
  • ± 50 TDS, ± 70 ppm
  • ± 1 ̊C / ± 2 ̊F
Automatic Temperature Compensation: Yes, if conductivity probe is in same solution as pH probe
Operating Environment: 0 – 50 ̊C / 32 – 122 ̊F
Calibration:  Not required for conductivity or temperature. pH requires two point, pH 7.0 & pH 4.0 or pH 10.0 calibration
Power Source: International power supply
In-line pH probe cable length: 3 meters              
Signal Range:
Indoor / Urban: Up to 20 meters / 66 feet
Outdoor / RF line-of-sight: Up to 50 meters / 164 feet
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz ISM
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or greater Mac os x 10.7.3 or greater Linux
Certifications: CE, FCC, IC. Contains Model XBEE2 Radio, IC: 4214A-XBEE2, FCC ID: OUR-XBEE2
Pressure Rating: On the S272 probe is 100psi (about 7 bars)
  • pH and EC in-line threaded probes to fit into in-line plumbing
  • Remote viewing with Bluelab® Connect™ Software and Apps
  • Replaceable double junction high pressure pH probe included
  • Bright, plant-safe green LED with adjustable brightness
  • Easy to navigate menu to program & adjust settings
  • Selectable conductivity and temperature scales
  • Simple push button pH calibration
  • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature (factory calibrated)
  • Flashing high and low alarms (non-audible)
  • Built with greater tolerance to RF / electronic interference
  • International power supply                                       
Save time and effort with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect - Monitor your key parameters 24/7 
With the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Inline, you will be able to continuously monitor pH, EC and temperature in your nutrient feed line. There’s no need for manual spot checks; instead, you’ll ensure that your nutrient delivery system is working optimally at all times.
That’s because when you track the three fundamental parameters of nutrient uptake, you’re able to spot and solve issues as and when they happen. After all, when you keep these parameters steady, you’ll end up with healthier plants.
Save time and labour with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Inline so that you can focus on growing great plants every single time.
Your key parameters at a glance - bold, bright and always on
The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Inline’s large backlit LED display allows you to view your pH, EC and temperature at a glance.
You can also set discreet visual alarms for your preferred parameter ranges; these will let you know whenever your parameters are out of range. This ensures that you will always be on top of your nutrient feed line conditions.
Stay connected to your parameters - View your data remotely
The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Inline allows you to stay connected to your nutrient line parameters 24/7.
To connect, you’ll need to purchase a Connect Stick and download our free Connect software. Once installed on your computer, you can set up an account for you and your team members to use. All they need to do is download the free Bluelab Connect mobile app and connect using the login. You can add multiple devices to the same account.
Not only will you be able to view the data being collected by your Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect Inline, you’ll also receive real-time notifications of any alarms you have set up.

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