Biobizz Try-pack : Stimulant-Pack

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BioBizz Try·pack : Stimulant·Pack

Do your plants need a boost? Did you try the talking and the singing, but did not work? Let Biobizz® make it easy for you!. Try our Stimulant·Pack, one of the four members of the recently launched family of Biobizz® Try·packs. Get to grow like a pro with a high quality complete pack that has been designed to be easy to handle, easy to use, easy to combine* and easy to pay. The Stimulant·Pack contains Root·Juice™, Top·Max™ and Alg·A·Mic™. A combination that will allow both the hydroponic and the organic grower to gain experience with the Biobizz® organic stimulant range as it provides basic feeding for 1-4 plants. An ideal pack if you wish to take an step further and get the maximum out of your harvest organically. With the Biobizz® Stimulant·Pack you will get sweeter taste, bigger plants and better results than ever, even hydroponically! Let the organic growing experience begin with Biobizz® Try·Pack™! 

* Use with any other Biobizz® products or Try·Packs to maximize crop and minimize costs.

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