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Do you grow hydroponically but you are tired of feeding minerals to your plants? Do you want to enjoy the natural taste of an organic harvest but can't let your system go? Let Biobizz® make it easy for you!. Try our HydroĀ·Pack, one of the four members of the recently launched family of Biobizz® Try·packs. Get to grow like a pro with a high quality complete pack that has been designed to be easy to handle, easy to use, easy to combine* and easy to pay. The Hydro·Pack contains Bio·Bloom™, Bio·Heaven™ and Top·Max™. A combination that will allow the hydroponic grower to gain experience with the Biobizz® organic products that are suitable to be applied in any hydroponic system. So the best out of two worlds. With the Organic quality and the hydroponic quantity. The HydroĀ·Pack will stimulate an optimal root development and protection by using organics in your hydro system.

* Use with any other Biobizz® products or Try·packs to maximize crop and minimize costs.

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