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CO2 Detector

Ensure your CO2 supply is performing at its absolute peak, allowing your plants to prosper and yield fully with a CO2 Detector. This handy, affordable, easy to use device gives you a clear backlit readout of real time Carbon Dioxide ppm. Using this information you can easily determine whether your CO2 inputs are sufficient to sustain your plants at any given stage in their development.

Carbon dioxide is essential for photosynthesis during all stages of plant growth, but is especially in demand during fruiting and flowering. Whilst extremely potent, CO2 inputs such as the CO2 Generator have a natural life of around 6 months. It is important to be aware of any degradation in CO2 supply and check or replenish it if required. Thanks to its simple, intuitive controls the CO2 Detector allows you to do exactly this.

The CO2 Detector also helps you improve cost efficiency and maximise the life of your CO2 inputs. As CO2 levels of over 1100ppm have no extra effect on plant growth you only stand to waste your inputs and see them degrade at an accelerated rate by blindly ramping up concentrations. Armed with readouts from the CO2 Detector you can adjust your inputs to the 1100ppm ‘sweet spot’ adhered to by experienced growers.

As prolonged exposure to high levels of CO2 can be damaging to human health the CO2 Detector includes colour coded alarms to notify you of dangerous concentrations. Extra functionality comes in the shape of temperature and humidity monitoring. The unit has an effective range of 400-5000ppm, is light and easy to position, and charges via the USB cable included. 

For best results the CO2 Detector is ideally positioned above your CO2 injection point and below your ventilation inlets/outlets at approximately plant-level.

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