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Grow what you want, when you want, whilst still enjoying the incredible space and maintenance saving benefits of a tray system. Auto8 8.5ltr comes complete with eight 8.5ltr square pots but can also house the 15ltr variety – available separately. You can interchange at will – no adjustment to the tray is required.
You can cultivate plants at various stages of development in the same tray system. Swap plants in and out with ease as needed. Minimise repotting and the risk of transplant shock.
The principles of Auto9 XL also apply to Auto8. Multiple pots are irrigated in a single tray and lid assembly by a single AQUAvalve5. Footprint is reduced. Fewer lights are needed for more tightly arranged plants. Vertical racking becomes a viable option thanks to reduced maintenance.
Auto8 8.5ltr is supplied with eight 8.5ltr solid pots.
Cultivating with Auto8 benefits growers in three key areas:
 Growing Space
Maximises the available area
Ideal for moveable racks and rolling tables
Draws no more water than 8 single 1Pot trays
Reduction in components = reduced maintenance duties
Plant Health
Unlike a large, single, flat tray the moulded base minimises standing water
Lid blocks light and debris from entering the tray
Minimum Reservoir Requirements
1x Auto8 – FlexiTank / FlexiTank Pro 100ltr
2x Auto8 – FlexiTank / FlexiTank Pro 225ltr
4x Auto8 – FlexiTank / FlexiTank Pro 400ltr
8x Auto8 – FlexiTank 750ltr
10x Auto8 – FlexiTank 1000ltr

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