APTUS Break-Out Powder

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APTUS Break-Out Powder 
A powerful and concentrated additive for late flowering stage that helps increasing the size and weight of your crop.
Break-Out Powder is specially thought for growers who like adding an extra P/K during late flowering phase to increase yields and oil production.
BreakOut Powder is a powder additive for flowering stage. Break-Out Powder pushes additional flowering during the last weeks of flowering and can increase the size of your crops dramatically.
The increased Phosphorus (P) helps plants to proceed the light throught its leaves.
Phosphorus is a key element to develope flowers and roots, as well as oil and sugar production.
Potassium (K) also plays a key role in oil and sugar production - developing starched and carbohydrates for cell division.
Break-Out Powder also contains Magnesium (Mg) very important component of many enzymes and necessary for photosynthesis, and helping to carry phosphorus into the plant.
Your plants deserve a breathe, give'em Break-Out Powder.

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