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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom Fertilizer

When you mix Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom with Grow and Micro (pH Perfect Grow and Micro are sold separately), you get 3-part base nutrients that provide bud-building potassium and phosphorus combined with other elements to give you vigorous growth and a happier harvest day - guaranteed.

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom (1-3-4) balances your pH automatically, so you don’t have to. Imagine walking into your grow room and seeing the crop you’ve always dreamed of. And you did it with a lot less effort, never once having to mess with buffering chemicals or pH monitoring equipment. For optimal results, we recommend using reverse osmosis (RO) water or water up to approximately 100 ppm (EC 160 µS/cm).

When you use 3-part hydroponic nutrients, you get reliable, flexible, concentrated nutrients that give your plants the essential elements they need. Mix Advanced Nutrients Grow with Bloom and Micro to provide NPK (along with secondary and micronutrients) that create healthy nutrient structure, vital metabolism and productivity in your plants.
PH Perfect Grow,Micro, Bloom now contains Wet Betty which is an organic surfactant that lowers the surface tension of your water, allowing easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. The second ingredient is humic acid which provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into your plants more efficiently, so they grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. The third ingredient is fulvic acid which gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular metabolism. Together, these two acids work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. The fourth ingredient in pH Perfect GMB is the highly-potent bud-potentiating nutrients themselves that feed your plants exactly what they need for fast, high-powered growth and impressive finishing harvests. And the fifth and final ingredient is the specialized "chelates" we've already talked about that get these high-powered nutrients into your plants as fast and as efficiently as possible! 

PH Perfect Bloom has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum and other growing media. Bloom has been developed for use with any and all hydroponics and continuous liquid feed growing systems (aeroponic, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood & drain).

  • Promotes faster growth and bigger yields.
  • Ensures the plants get the maximum amount of nutrients in the least amount of time.
  • Helps the plants to get the best growth and production.
  • Pharmaceutical grade precursors.
  • Concentrated, less-expensive formula.
Works with ALL hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feeding growing systems… or your money back!
May be used from seedling/ clone to end of bloom phase. Mix 4 ml per liter during weeks 1 through 6 of your flowering phase, and during all weeks of vegetative growth.

Type of Fertilizer
  • NPK 1-3-4
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 1% ((NH4) 0,05%, (NO3) 0,4% & (NO2) 0,55%)
  • Available Phosphat (P2O5) 3%
  • Water-soluble Potassium-Oxide (K2O) 4%
  • Sulfur (S) 0,2%
  • Derived from: monocalcium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate and urea

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