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  • Phase: flowering
  • For growing in: soil, cocos, hydroponics
  • Dosage: 2ml/L
A one-part floral booster to outproduce PK 13-14 and similar products.
HammerHead has better source components and formula integrity than PK 13-14.
If You Want A PK (Phosphorous-Potassium) Bloom Booster Proven To Work Because It Was Made Specifically, then you've found it.
Have you've ever tried a PK bloom booster only to find that it did nothing for your plants or it created brown spots or leaf tip burningthen.
Time to try this one.
Specifically, we don't need a PK formula with such high amounts of phosphorous.
In fact, recent research into growing using rockwool, aeroponics, and other hydroponics gardening systems has shown that too much phosphorous creates MANY problems for the types of plants we grow.
What happens is excess phosphorus accumulates in your crop's root zone, where it can burn roots, interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, and severely harm your yield potential.
This is known as "phosphorous toxicity" and you can easily check for this by looking for brown spots or leaf tip burning with your crops.
Along with increasing the size, weight and density of your flowers, HAMMERHEAD™'s precise combination, type and ratio of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium has been proven to increase essential oils, aroma, and potency in hydroponics crops.
You'll see them bloom bigger and bigger!
For best results, many growers have used HAMMERHEAD™ as part of a rotating cycle of timed bloom boosters during the all-important bloom phase.
  • Shake well before use
  • Use in weeks 2-6 of bloom stage
  • We recommended using HAMMERHEAD in conjunction with BIG BUD, BUD BLOOD BLOOM STIMULATOR and OVERDRIVE
  • NPK 2-4-10


  • Total Nitrogen (N) 2% (nitric nitrogen (N03) 2%) 
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) 4%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) 10%
  • Derived from: monopotassic phosphate, potassium nitrate


  • 2ml/1L of water

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