LUMATEK 600W 240V Twin Dimmable Ballast

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LUMATEK 600W 240V Twin Dimmable Ballast is two 600W dimmable multi-watt electronic ballast housed in one case and designed to be able to power and control two HPS or MH horticultural lamps independently.

This unit features two separate lamp leads with IEC and two separate output power controllers with four different power settings enabling dimming and boosting power or selecting specific output for different rated lamps.
The Lumatek Twin digital ballast 600W also has separate safety and auto-recovery with full independent circuit protection for each lamp. As well as being better value than purchasing two separate ballasts, the Twin 600 is able to drive two separate lamps but only requires one power supply plug socket!
  • Power & control two separate 240V grow lights independently
  • Better value than buying two separate ballasts
  • Power & control 600W, 400W & 250W HPS & MH horticultural lamps for indoor growing
  • Requires only one mains plug socket for power supply
  • Full independent circuit protection for each lamp.
  • Voltage regulator electronics ensure precise lamp voltage for producing optimum PAR spectrum (PPF/PPFD) regardless of mains voltage fluctuations
  • Extra 10% power boost from ‘Super Lumens’ switch
  • Dimming switch for enhanced environmental-parameter control
  • Intelligent start algorithm to prolong lamp life and prevent multiple unit ignition from tripping circuit breakers
  • Ultra-high operating frequency produces better quality light and ensures against strobe flicker
  • Cost savings from improved efficiency; more light is produced per watt of energy consumed

Size L x W x H (mm): 510 x 114 x 81
Weight (Kg): 4.8
Case: Graduated Fin Aluminium
Dimming Range (W): 250W – 400W - 600W - 660W
Input Power (W): 265W – 424W – 636W - 690W (x2)
Output Power (W): 250W – 400W - 600W - 660W (x 2)
Mains Supply Voltage: 240V 50/60Hz
Input Current Max (A): 3.0 (x 2)
Operating Frequency (KHz): < 90
Power Factor: 0.99
THD(%): < 8
Efficiency(%): 95
Mains Voltage Range (V): 175 - 275
Temperature: capable of operating at full load in ambient temp -25C to 40C

Electronic ballast for independent control of 2 x 400W/600W HPS & MH lamps.
Full circuit protection; open/short, over temperature, over/low voltage, end of lamp life/rectification
EMI suppression certified

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